EDIXIA composite inspection

What benefits can you expect from an automated inspection system for your composite materials?

Producing quality composite materials requires an automated inspection system. You can now ask yourself what the benefits will be.

Imagine if you could get real-time measurements of the down times of your production systems, the inspection times of your operators, the cost of your internal non-quality, reworking times, … then you would be able to measure your lost revenue. And, of course, you could evaluate the return on investment in your automated production inspection system.

Analyse and evaluate your production costs

Before investing, you need to know the different criteria for your production line:

  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • productivity
  • Number of operators
  • Cost of internal non-quality

Artificial vision allows automated inspection of production, generating productivity gains and/or reduced production costs.

Investing in an automated composite material inspection system must therefore answer several questions.

Does this system:

  1. reduce my inspection times?
  2. avoid having to invest in additional production lines?
  3. avoid having to invest in lines dedicated to quality control?
  4. is more efficient than a detection by a quality inspector?
  5. reduce my customer return rate?
  6. provide inspection traceability?
  7. contribute to the continuous improvement process?


The composite materials inspection systems developed by EDIXIA AUTOMATION are among the top performers on the market.


Benefits of the EDIXIA AUTOMATION automated production inspection system



The EDIXIA AUTOMATION automated inspection system uses state-of-the-art technologies.

Inspection reliability is guaranteed by an optical sensor combined with digital processing software

developed at our R&D department and in industrial operation on many customer sites.


With an in-line real-time inspection, these systems reduce inspection times by as much as 30 %.

The productivity of production lines equipped with this system is increased by the same amount. Capacity investment therefore often becomes unnecessary.

In the base materials manufacturing sector, direct integration on the production line also avoids costly investment in an additional inspection line.

Our system is highly flexible and adapts to the customer’s needs with parameters configured specifically for the required quality level.

The data recorded during the different inspections is processed by a statistical tool, it contributes to the continuous improvement process and helps to find the root causes of non-quality.

More than just a surveillance and monitoring system, EDIXIA offers you a veritable performance accelerator for your production line.


EDIXIA AUTOMATION makes its teams and technologies available to study the automated means adapted to your needs. This study will evaluate the direct potential quality gains and the indirect potential productivity gains.


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