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EDIXIA AUTOMATION offers several levels of services.

The expertise of EDIXIA Automation extends beyond the excellence of its installed machines, to include monitoring throughout the service life of its systems.


EDIXIA AUTOMATION’s maintenance and support services are available to ensure the optimum setting of machines as well as tailored training delivered by a qualified and multilingual trainer. Repairs, regular updates with advanced technologies, remote installations or maintenance are performed by technicians trained in the latest innovations.


EDIXIA’s services offer the following benefits:


Guaranteed performance excellence of inspection systems


Reduced costs due to preventive maintenance


Better productivity


Support for the duration of the service life of the product


Listening to and understanding the needs of customers

Carrying out a diagnosis to ensure project viability

Deploying the GO/NO GO process to complete the audit: free testing of customer samples.


Tailored training given at the time of system installation to ensure rapid operation. Whether delivered at operator or expert level, the content of the training is adapted to the trainee to provide them with the skills required to operate the system autonomously.

Additional refresher training sessions are offered for the duration of the service life of our machines to update knowledge acquired.

Training sessions can be delivered on site, at our premises or by videoconference using our live-studio.


EDIXIA AUTOMATION monitors spare parts worldwide.

During machine commissioning, lists of emergency replacement parts are provided to enable your maintenance teams to perform a rapid repair.

Study of operational system updates at customer sites based on new specifications.


In a context of continuous technology advances, you need to ensure the sustainability of your equipment. Through rigorous monitoring of obsolescence, EDIXIA Automation offers solutions to upgrade installed systems.

Ad-hoc standard replacement with latest generation equipment or a complete retrofit of your system, an adapted and tailored solution.