Surface inspection : Why automate the inspection of the surface condition of produced parts ?

The surface quality has 2 aspects :

  • Perceived quality, which can be defined by the visual appearance of a part or assembly of parts.
  • The structural quality that corresponds to the state of the material or part

The surface inspection of a produced part is used to check the surface quality of the part. It is a complex task. Find out in this article why automating surface inspection is necessary?


Why automate surface inspection ?

The surface inspection step is often entrusted to operators. Ergonomic constraints are numerous: repetitive handling tasks related to the size and/or weight of the parts as well as their shape. Beyond the costs involved, the results can be unreliable, leading to customer feedback and dissatisfaction.

Artificial vision solutions (sensors associated with software) meet the constraints of these manual operations:

  • 100% control in the production flow with a significant improvement in productivity
  • Complete or partial automation of the control cycle: flexible integration solution!
  • Precise and repeatable measurements and detection thresholds
  • Automated quality management thanks to statistical and traceability tools


The benefits of automated quality control systems

Automation :

  • simplifies the production inspection process
  • reduces inspection times
  • relieves operators of repetitive tasks
  • makes control results reliable
  • guarantees a control of the entire production


In addition, digitization allows :

  • the backup of statistics, and traceability
  • control of the data collected
  • remote control


Different applications

With the increase in production rates, manufacturers need control at every stage of the process. The sectors of activity which need it are more and more numerous:

  • Aeronautics, aerospace,
  • Car manufacturers,
  • Foundries and machine shops
  • The cosmetic parts industry
  • Industrial joinery …

The types of defects sought and controlled are also numerous. EDIXIA AUTOMATION offers, among others, standard solutions adapted to composite materials and rivet assembly.



Automated surface inspection is a must with today’s production rates. More reliable than manual inspection and adaptable to different production lines, it is part of the continuous improvement and total quality approach.


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