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The R&D department analyses all specific requests

Each product has its own specific characteristics and its level of quality.

Therefore, choosing a control method that is clearly adapted to the constraints of the industrial process is critical to guarantee a zero-defect production.

Many solutions may be considered. Finding the correct approach is not so easy:

Is it possible to automate control for your production?

What level of control performance can be achieved?

Is it possible to adapt these control solutions to the manufacturing process?

Is it possible to integrate an inspection solution into the production line environment?

The GO/NOGO process answers all these questions

The success of your project is accurately assessed through all these different steps. The expert’s report will determine the technology to be used as well as the achievable limits, so as to make decisions only with elements previously validated on actual parts and under real-world conditions.



Customer samples are subjected to tests, enabling a first opinion to be delivered regarding the detection of defects and the measurement accuracy.


Feasibility study

It meets precise criteria laid out in specifications. The creation of a prototype may be considered.


PoC (Proof of Concept)

It is a demonstration carried out on the production line at the customer's site with the parts produced.



Development and implementation of the resulting solution, installation and commissioning of the inspection machine on the customer's site.


Beyond this approach, EDIXIA AUTOMATION provides skills in the following fields:

Production of a customised sensor taking into account the footprint constraints and the targeted information.

A cobot validates the trajectories upstream to confirm the position of an optical sensor on the different measurement points.

Development of specific image processing tools or of a dedicated interface.

Development of specific real-time image processing boards.

EDIXIA is also involved in several associations and organisations in the forefront of technical development:

Competitive cluster of the vehicle and mobility distribution channels in western France

EDIXIA is a founding member of the collaborative innovation platform