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Rivet assembly inspection

Edixia Automation offers new inspection and measurement solutions geared to riveting assembly processes. These resources are tailored to the constraints of production lines in the automotive and aeronautics industries.
These automated artificial vision systems check the quality of rivet assemblies. They optimise the conventional inspection times of the operators.

Guarantee perfect assembly of your production!



Non-contact detection and location of defects

Rapid and easy integration on production line

Simple to use, easy to configure

Accuracy: 1/100 mm

Robust against environmental constraints

Multiple materials: metals/composites

Control of the entire production

Controls of drilling, milling and rivet setting

Scan-Rivet, a dynamic inspection system. Measurement and control are performed during the trajectory of robotic equipment and is possible at each stage:

Snap-Rivet, a static mode inspection system. Measurement and control are done during the trajectory of robotic equipment and are possible at each stage.

Gap and flush measurement

A range of gap and flush inspection solutions dedicated to automobile and aerospace manufacturers and their suppliers is available.

Ensure total control over the assembly of your products, and increase productivity!



Reliable non-contact inspection of 100 % of production

Our products guarantee the accurate and repeatable measurement of all types of panels and body measurement points

Measure on various material surfaces, such as sheet metal, chrome, polymer, glazing, polycarbonate, …

The user interface has been optimised for the display of results in real time with the rapid configuration of measurement positions.

Our solutions are tightly focused on the real-time use of reliable measurement data to control and correct an on-going production process.


GapStat, a gap and flush measurement station. The measurements are taken while the vehicle is at rest or moving along the line.


GapRobot, an ideal solution for gap and flush measurements on a wide variety of vehicles assembled on a single production line.


GapFlex, a collaborative robotic gap and flush measurement solution.


GapLight, a portable gap and flush measurement system ideally suited for investigations and quality controls.

Robot guidance
Alignment during a production run

A wide range of weld bead and robot guidance solutions for automotive manufacturers and their suppliers is offered.



Wide range of applications arising from our expertise in production line measurements, including alignment to a geometric baseline, gap and flush, etc…

Non-contact solution

Ability to combine 2D and 3D measurements

Manufacturing traceability


CORDIA 3D-GLASS, a 3D inspection of glue or mastic beads in glazing assemblies system.


Robot Guidance, a solution of robot guidance and alignment during a production run.

Geometry measurement

Body shell geometry measurement solutions. At all stages of production on your assembly lines, you will find a range of inspection solutions to suit your range of products.

Ensure total control of the assembly of your products, while improving your productivity gains.



They provide non-contact and reliable control of the entire production

The design of our solutions has been particularly focused on robustness and real-time evaluation of measurement results to control or correct ongoing production

Our products guarantee accurate and repeatable measurements

The user-friendly HMI common to all our products allows real-time visualisation of results and quick parameterisation of measurement points


GeoStat, a fixed geometry measuring station that allows 100% control of the vehicle.


GeoRobot, a robotic geometry measurement solution that allows 100% control of the vehicle.