Surface inspection of small parts


2d and 3d inspection of small parts : The solution to all your requirements.
EDIXIA AUTOMATION offers a surface inspection and default measurement solution to manufacturers of small parts.

Discover our product:

  • Scan-Luxy: Surface inspection of small parts by scanning

We guarantee 100 % quality inspection of your production, with a significant reduction in your customer returns.

The advantages of our inspection machines:

  • They guarantee non-contact, non-destructive and reliable control of the entire production process.
  • Our inspection machines provide a detection over a wide variety of materials, shapes and sizes of parts.
  • The inspection of the finished part is done during the production.
  • The confidence of a friendly user interface, together with simple operation and easy configuration of the inspection sequences and measurement ranges.


  • 100% of production inspected during continuous operation
  • Productivity gains, traceability and real time documentation tool
  • Process performance analysis and production optimisation
  • Control of perceived quality