Cordia 3d-Glass - 3D inspection system for glazing beads

Inspection system for glazing beads


  • 3D inspection of applied glue or mastic beads in a robot controlled glazing.
  • Cordia 3d-Glass detects breaks in the bead, together with width, height and positioning defects. Cordia 3D-Glass inspects triangular glue or mastic beads applied during glazing in order to ensure perfect adhesion of the glass and freedom from leaks.
  • Cordia 3d-Glass inspects:
    • Continuity (breaks or air bubbles in the bead)
    • Width
    • Height
    • Overlap
    • Position


  • Considerable time savings compared to traditional tools
  • Cost savings: Minimisation of the quantity of glue used
  • Control and improvement of the production process
  • Elimination of costly customer returns and maintenance of your company image
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