Gap and flush measurement

Gap and flush measurement system

Inspection of the quality of your assemblies, the solution to all your requirements.

EDIXIA AUTOMATION offers a wide range of gap and flush inspection solutions for automobile and aerospace manufacturers and their suppliers.

Our range of products:

  • GapStat: Measurement solution for use on moving assembly lines
  • GapRobot: Robot controlled measurement solution
  • GapLight: Portable measurement solution

We offer you total control over the assembly of your products, resulting in significant productivity gains.

The advantages of our GapRange measurement products:

  • Reliable non-contact inspection of 100 % of production. 
  • Our products guarantee the accurate and repeatable measurement of all types of panels and body measurement points.
  • Our solutions are tightly focused on the real-time use of reliable measurement data to control and correct an on-going production process.
  • The user interface has been optimised for the display of results in real time with the rapid configuration of measurement positions.