GAPLIGHT - Inspect the quality of your assemblies

Portable gap and flush measurement system

A portable gap and flush measurement system ideally suited for investigations and quality controls.

You want total control over the assembly of your products, our portable measurement system guarantees the inspection of your gap and flush! Gap and flush inspections of all types of panels and body measurement points. GapLight is a non-contact portable measurement system using laser triangulation technology.


  • Simultaneous gap and flush measurements
  • Rapid, accurate and repeatable measurements
  • Measurements unaffected by the colour of the materials
  • Measurement of simple or complex section profiles
  • Operator independent measurements
  • Non-contact measurements that do not adversely affect the quality of your product


  • In-depth auditing of gap and flush quality in the inspected product
  • Compact and lightweight for comfortable use
  • Productivity gains due to the rapid measurement rate and immediate availability of the data
  • High performance SPC tool for efficient quality analysis
  • Rapid familiarisation with the system with full information displayed on a colour touch screen
  • No damage to the product being measured


The GapLight is a lightweight self-contained unit providing a truly portable solution for use anywhere in your plant.

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