PF-INSPECT – Raw Materials


PF-INSPECT is an inspection and measurement solution for your composite productions, it measures the fibre orientation, the fold detection, the tenth location and measures in 2D/3D.

On-the-fly inspection of unprocessed material:
PF-Inspect measures and locates the direction of the fibre

PF-Inspect fibre inspects:

  • Weaving defects,
  • Missing fibre,
  • Fold defects,
  • Missing elements, pulling,
  • Texture inclusions,
  • Deburring, delaminating defects…

Our solutions

  • System can be integrated on the dispensing heads
  • Taking images as close as possible to the woven fibre deposit
  • Location of defects in the part number
  • 2D and/or 3D surface inspection with defect localization and identification, cut edge inspection
  • Image processing software based on 35 years of experience in the field of artificial vision


  • In-line inspection of 100% of production
  • Productivity gains, 20% to 30% compared to standard methods for inspection
  • Traceability and real time documentation tool
  • Process performance analysis and production optimisation
  • Quality control


The sensors are built into the weaving, non-weaving, braiding and prepreg machines, so as to inspect on the fly. Depending on the configuration of the machine, both sides of the materiel can be inspected.