FibeRange – conformity inspection of composite materials

FibeRange – conformity inspection of composite materials

At each step of your production processes, EDIXIA AUTOMATION offers inspection solutions precisely adapted to the constraints of your production lines in the automotive, aeronautics and composite manufacturing industry.

Discover our products:

  • AF-INSPECT – In-line inspection for your AFP-ATL processes
  • PF-INSPECT – Inspection of unprocesses material
  • PF-INSPECT – Inspection of material for each placement of preforms

We guarantee a quality control of your whole production to ensure the conformity of
your components!

The advantages of our inspection system:

  • Non-contact detection and the position of defects larger than 0.1 mm
  • Rapid and easy integration on production line
  • Simple to use, easy to configure
  • Inspection in pan, before, during and after the composite material is removed
  • Possible measurements on a large variety of composites
  • Differen types of processes (SMC, AFP, RTM, etc.)
  • Inspection speed up to 2 m/s
  • Different types of materials: ceramic, carbon fibre, glass fibre, thermoset, thermoplastic