FibeRange – conformity inspection of composite materials


FibeRange is a surface inspection system for your composite parts, it measures the fibre direction, the geometry and measures in 2D/3D.

FibeRange detects at different steps:

  • Weaving defects,
  • Missing fibre,
  • Fold defects,
  • Marks, pulling,
  • Texture inclusions,
  • Pitting, cracks, porosity,
  • Deburring defects, delamination defects, etc.

Our solutions

  • Optical detection of fibre orientation in carbon fibre reinforced composite components;
  • In-line inspection of the geometry and positioning of glue beads;
  • Three dimensional inspection of the geometry of preformed, machined and cut out parts;
  • Three dimensional surface inspection, with location and identification of surface defects and inspection of cut edges;


  • Pan inspection of the whole production of all types of geometry – simple and complex
  • Productivity gains in relation to standard methods, speed up to 2 m/s
  • Traceability and real time documentation tool
  • Process performance analysis and production optimisation
  • Quality control


The sensors are fitted onto a robot or an axis to scan the entire inspection surface.
Integration on means of production.

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