AF-INSPECT – In-line inspection solution for your AFP-ATL processes


Surface inspection of your AFP-ATL processes. During application, AF-Inspect detects:

  • Gaps,
  • Folding,
  • Splicing,
  • FOD,
  • Fibre creases,
  • Twists

Our solutions

  • System can be integrated on the dispensing heads,
  • Taking images as close as possible to the fibre deposition,
  • Location of defects in the part number,
  • 3D surface inspection with defect localization and identification, cut edge inspection
  • Image processing software based on 35 years of experience in the field of artificial vision


  • In-line inspection of 100% of production
  • Productivity gains, 20% to 30% compared to standard methods for inspection
  • Traceability and real time documentation tool
  • Process performance analysis and production optimization
  • Quality control


The sensors are fitted onto a robot or the fibre placement heads to scan the entire surface to be inspected in production. All the images are saved by the software and automatic processing is carried out. Defects are found and the parts can be corrected.