3dCast - 3d Inspection of casting parts

Inspection of casting parts
3d Inspection of castings part: The solution to all your requirements.

EDIXIA AUTOMATION offers a wide range of foundry inspection solutions for automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. Our range of products:

  • 3dCast-E: Cylinder head and engine block inspection system
  • 3dCast-B: Brake disc inspection system
  • 3dScan: Scanning inspection machine

We guarantee 100 % quality inspection of your production, with a significant reduction in your customer returns.

The advantages of our 3dCast inspection systems:

  • Non-destructive and reliable inspection of 100 % of production..
  • Our inspection systems provide for the reliable and repeatable detection of defects over a wide range of part sizes and shapes.
  • The confidence of a friendly user interface, together with simple operation and easy configuration of the inspection sequences and measurement ranges.
  • Our inspection systems are designed to operate in hostile environments like foundries and can be installed on existing production lines with a minimal  space requirement.
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