3dScan - Scanning inspection machine, surface inspection

Sand core inspection system


3dScan is a non-destructive 3D inspection system  for the inspection of sand core . One face or several faces of the sandcore can be inspected before  dispensing in the mould.

3dScan controls by scanning, the:

  • Foundry: Sand cores
  • Foundry : Lost wax masters

3dScan detects a wide range of surface defects, including:

  • Sand core breaks
  • Sand core cracks
  • Sand core assembly defects


  • Inspection of 100% of the production to achieve significant quality improvements
  • Reduction in the costs associated with product returns
  • Productivity gains
  • Analysis of process performance and production optimisation


3dScan is integrated into your production environment:

  • Checks the integrity of sand cores prior to casting
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