Vision inspection

EDIXIA AUTOMATION offers a unique partnership in terms of quality and performance, bringing automated inspection solutions to a range of processes including:

In-line measurement of body shells:   Measurements on moving assembly lines (GapStat - GeoStat)
Robot controlled measurements (GapRobot - GeoRobot)
Portable measurement equipment (GapLight)

Verification of the assembly of vehicle components (inspection of glue and weld beads):   Inspection of glazing glue or mastic beads (Cordia 3dGlass)
Guidage robot (RobotGuidance)

Perfect conformity of safety-critical parts (engine, brake discs and headlamps):   Inspection of brake discs (3dCast-B)
Inspection of cylinder heads and engine blocks (3dCast-E)
Sand core inspection, surface inspection (3dScan)
Final inspection of headlamps (Celia)

Measurements on finished vehicles (headlamps, door assembly, and beads):   Portable equipment to measure door, bonnet and boot fit (GapLight)
Inspection of glazing glue or mastic beads (Cordia 3dGlass)
Robot guidance and alignment (RobotGuidance)

Conformity inspection of composite materials:   In-line inspection for your AFP-ATL processes (AF-INSPECT)
Inspection of unprocesses material (PF-INSPECT - Raw materials)
Inspection of material for each placement of preforms (PF-INSPECT - Preforms)

Research and development:   In addition to this product range, EDIXIA provides its know-how and over 30 years of experience in industrial inspection allowing to answer your various requests.