FibeRange - Automatic inspection of safety critical composite components

Qualitätsprüfung Kompositmaterial

Ensuring the quality of composite components requires reliable inspection equipment and a zero defect management system. The inspection results must be repeatable and above reproach. The levels of quality being demanded today make manual inspection uneconomic in terms of both cost and timeThe continuing pressure to reduce costs requires the automation of the quality control and parts handling processes

We have a solution that addresses all these requirements. EDIXIA AUTOMATION, based in Rennes, is a part of the Franco-German AUTOMATION W+R and BOLL AUTOMATION SME network, bringing together the latest state-of-the-art technologies for automatic computer inspection and measurement.

From the very start, the companies within this group have developed optical inspection systems for carbon fibre reinforced composite components, along with the associated robotic handling and transfer systems. An automatic inspection system for composite carbon and ceramic brake discs was developed for SGL and Audi in 2005. At the request of the partners, a joint patent application was filed by SGL, Audi and Automation W+R, and subsequently granted.

We have enjoyed the confidence of our customers since 1984. We offer systems combining complex computer vision inspection, robotics, innovative part grasping, and intelligent data processing software. Given the rate at which the industry is developing, automation is a crucial factor for composite component manufacturers wishing to increase their market share.

We offer a range of solutions designed to ensure that the demands of automated production processes requiring 100% inspection within the production cycle time are met.

Our solutions:

  • Optical measurement of surface roughness in order to optimise subsequent gluing.
  • Inspection of glued areas prior to assembly, including automated pre-assembly wettability and adhesion testing, in order to ensure effective gluing with the adhesion uncompromised by traces of oil, mould release agent or silicone.
  • Optical detection of fibre orientation in carbon fibre reinforced composite components.
  • In-line inspection of the geometry and positioning of glue beads.
  • Three dimensional inspection of the geometry of preformed, machined and cut out parts.
  • Three dimensional surface inspection, with location and identification of surface defects and inspection of cut edges.
  • Delamination detection by thermography.