GapFlex - Collaborative robot station of gap and flush measurement for multi-materials

Collaborative robotic measurement solution


GapFlex is a collaborative robotic gap and flush measurement solution.

Our system controls the assembly of raw or painted sheet metal, and for various materials (such as chrome, sheet metal, polymer, glazing, polycarbonate,…). Even the slightest imperfection regarding the assembly generates unpleasant noise in the interior. Our technologies ensure perfect alignment and reduce noise inside the driver’s cabin.
Our solution is an in-line measurement using automatic tracking.
Upon arrival at the station, the vision system determines the positioning of the vehicle with respect to the robots. A correction of their trajectories is carried out. Each of the robots then follows its trajectory as the vehicle moves in the station.

The system

  • measures sections with simple or complex shapes.
  • measures independently of the paint finish of the vehicle (matt, shiny, metallic, ...).
  • controls your production completely.
  • measures without contact so that the surface quality of your product is not affected.


  • Rapid detection of process drift
  • Traceability
  • Savings in new product development process costs (system set up in pre-production)
  • Control of all your assemblies


GapFlex can be installed after individual process steps or at the end of the assembly line.